Car Detailing London, UK

Mobile Steam Car Detailing Service - London

Do you know how many hours you reside in your vehicle travelling from and to: work, shopping, dropping and collecting kids from/to school and taking pets to the veterinary which will most certainly leave dirty stains on the car upholstery. Our steam carpet detailing helps keep your car interior hygienic, smelling nice, fresh and clean.

Car Cleanic - London are the professionals in car valeting in London, by utilizing the highest quality equipment and detergents existing on the market, we can thoroughly clean your car upholstery, We sanitize and clean all the cloth-, leather-, hard surface- areas and eliminating microbes which could contribute to nasty smell.

Our London Car carpet detailing service may include all these features (based on the type of car detailing you have already chosen):

  • Leather detailed and conditioned
  • Hot water extraction cleaning upholstery seats and carpets
  • Automobile seats scents eliminating - 100% guaranteed
  • Door sides, Middle console, Dashboard … etc - (all the hard surfaces)  cleaned and dressed

Our mobile vehicle upholstery detailing service is applicable in case if you have some of these problems

  • Spills of milk, coffee, milkshakes or other liquids
  • Urine marks
  • Smokers marks
  • Vomitus marks
  • Stain detailing
  • Children’s pastry
  • Offensive Odor elimination

Detailing Before Selling Your Automobile

You may be selling your car and want to make sure you get its maximum price. Our mobile car upholstery cleaning package gives an excellent feeling and can add big value to the price of your automobile. This job can be done at your workplace or home in London - works either way.

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